What our clients say

“Kudos to the RM team. Their presentation, creativity, and enthusiasm were second to none. My only disappointment of the weekend is that the show had to come to an end.”
— Bruce Weiner, following the sale of his collection in February 2013
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“RM Auctions did a tremendous job from start to finish, forever linking dad’s legacy with the car he loved so much. ”
— Eddie Smith Jr, following the sale of the 1967 Ferrari 275 GBT/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider in August 2013
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“We have done a lot of business together, because we know we can depend on each other and trust each other, and that’s hard to say in this business. The whole RM family up there in Canada is something special and something to be proud of.”
— Alex Finnegan
“The Pray family is thrilled with RM’s sale of Malcolm’s collection. The tireless efforts of the entire team enabled a result that greatly exceeded all expectations. RM was the natural choice for the Pray Collection because their enthusiasm, professionalism, and attention to detail are traits that so reflect both the business and personal values of Malcolm Pray himself.”
— Philip Richter, family friend and trustee for the Pray Collection, following the Amelia Island auction in 2014
“Every time I purchase a car I bring it to RM to get it assessed and ready for the road. They go over it with a fine-tooth comb, and I trust that they can bring a car up to 100-point condition. A big plus is that RM now has a “rolling road” chassis dynamometer, to trouble shoot and fine tune my classic cars without having to road-test the cars extensively. ”
— Brent Merril
“It is a pleasure to have done business with RM and their excellent staff over the past several years. As advisor to the estate of the late Vasek Polak in the disposal of his considerable collection, I had frequent contact with RM, both on a business and social level. At all times, this was a pleasant and, indeed, fun experience. When we decided to auction the Sebring 12 Hour race-winning Porsche 917K, we chose RM at Monterey. When I drove the 917 onto the block on Saturday evening, who opened the driver’s door but Rob Myers himself, still trying to negotiate the final price that the executors would accept. This was done and I climbed out, and the sale was successfully concluded. I look forward to working with Rob, Jack, and the team in the future.”
— Brian Redman
“The thing I like about RM is that they’re straight shooters, with no B.S. ”
— Jim Zanardi
“I think that RM has played a key role in redefining the collector car market. They provided a better “value equation” than the old, staid companies they were competing with, and thus, those companies were not able to survive the market shift. I also think RM has been willing to take more risk on transactions for high-end cars they believe in, and that has served them well with clients. Finally, their entire staff has an incredible “can-do” attitude. Nothing is a problem; they all just make it happen in a first-class manner, consistently, time after time. ”
— Jim Fasnacht
“During the restoration of my 1930 duPont G Four-Passenger Le Mans Speedster, I especially appreciated the personal contact with the people in charge. It is one thing to receive invoices during the restoration, but RM goes way beyond, with commentary, documentation, and close personal contact. ”
— Tom DuPont
“RM made the process of selling my collection not only easy but enjoyable as well. The marketing and advertising efforts they put forth in promoting my cars were above and beyond my expectations. ”
— Milton Robson, following the sale of his collection in November 2010
“The entire RM Auctions group was outstanding in handling my auction. From start to finish, every person handled each step of the process in an extremely professional and friendly manner. The enhancements made to my warehouse by the team completely transformed it to showcase the cars in the best possible way. From the outset, I was told all I needed to worry about was showing up on sale day. Because of the confidence I had in RM, that’s exactly what I did! My experience with the entire RM team was absolutely stellar! ”
— Don Davis, following the sale of his collection in April 2013
“Passing on my car collection was an important decision for me. I entrusted RM Auctions with this job, and they delivered impressive service and record-breaking results. ”
— Bernie Ecclestone, following the sale of his collection in London 2007
“After nearly three years and six auctions, RM was the only company capable of doing what I needed, and they did it flawlessly. ”
— Richard Kughn, following the sale of his collection in 2003
“When we decided it was time to part with our collection, RM was the clear choice. Their dedication and expertise showed through in every aspect, from the stunning catalogue to the marketing and advertising.”
— Bob and Paul Milhous, following the sale of their collection in February 2012
“We’ve had the opportunity to watch each other grow over the years. It’s been a wonderful experience to be associated with RM, and we value it dearly. ”
— Bill Warner
“I have had the pleasure of conducting business with RM over the years, on a number of different transactions. I have always been pleased with the service, effort, and overall professionalism put forth by the whole RM team. Frankly, I expected that. What I didn’t expect were the many friendships I have made both with RM staff and customers over the years. I guess I would call it that “little something extra” that we frequently hope for in business relationships but so rarely get. ”
— Jim Spiro
“I have been in the business over 20 years and have never met a more professional group. The lengths they go to ensure client satisfaction are extraordinary. It is a classy operation, and I will never buy or sell a car from any other auction house. ”
— Al Monjazab
“I believe RM’s success in the car collecting hobby over the past years lies in its people, from the quality of their restorations to the excitement they create at their auctions. There is a level of professionalism and pride that you don’t see at some of the other auctions I have attended over the years. ”
— George Barris
“As a collector for many years, I have always selected the most prestigious motor cars—Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche—and I have always been really careful and attentive to all of the specific operators in this sector and in the marketplace. RM has a capable and specialized team who know for certain what to do to add value through descriptions, professional photography, research, technical characteristics, and history of each car that is entrusted to them to sell. If I entrust the sale of 20 motor cars from my collection to their auctions, this means that I believed RM to be the very best in terms of seriousness and soundness. From the results I achieved, I was not mistaken. ”
— Giovanni Prevosti
“I become aware of RM Auctions years ago and was very familiar with some of the cars that they have restored in Canada. Over the years, I have met all of the principals of RM Auctions and gotten to know a lot of people associated with the business, and it’s been a real pleasure. I have attended their events from coast to coast and always had felt it to be a high-class, well-run operation. I also appreciate the honesty RM has brought to the collector car auction world. ”
— Skip Marketti
“RM has played a significant role in expanding the hobby to all levels of car buffs. Their contribution to the overall exposure and education of motor cars to a large population is what RM will be remembered for, in addition to enabling the use of fine machines for many years to come. ”
— Lammot du Pont
“I have had the privilege of doing lots of business with the professionals at RM. Every experience, whether by phone or in person, has been enjoyable and extraordinary. It is obvious to me that RM’s team of experts is not only people who know their business, but they, too, are enthusiasts who share our love and passion for classic cars. They are people focused on establishing long-term relationships not just earning a sales commission. I consider RM to be the “elite” in the collector car industry. They have earned my utmost respect, trust, and confidence.”
— Sam Pack
“My relationship with RM started in May of 1996, when I traded for a 1934 Packard Model 1108 Rumble Seat Coupe. Thirteen years later, after more than 50 transactions with RM, I am pleased to still call them friends, and I appreciate the job they do in representing the classic car and collector car market in a honest and professional manner.”
— John D. Groendyke
“AACA became involved with RM when we heard they were considering an auction at the Eastern Division Fall Meet, otherwise known as “Hershey.” We jumped at the chance, and from the first day Rob Myers and his staff did what they said they would do and we could ask no more. The relationship and support of AACA, the AACA Museum, and the Library & Research Center has not only been rewarding but a lot of fun. In a world of double talk, it is refreshing to deal with people that never leave you guessing where they stand. ”
— Steve Moskowitz
“My first RM auction was the Michael Dingman Collection. It was outstanding for many reasons. The seller’s estate was beautiful, the cars were outstanding, and the RM people were so helpful in every way. All of the RM sales I have been to have been great. I know when I go to one that the cars are going to be exceptional vehicles; in fact, I have yet to buy a car from an RM event that turned out to be a disappointment. The best thing I have taken from these auctions is the many friendships I have established with fellow RM clients. I would like to commend Rob and Mike for running a first-class operation. Their people are true professionals in everything they do.”
— Joel Champagne
“We could not have asked for better assistance in preparing our cars for auction. Your people could not have been nicer and, down to the last person, more helpful. ”
— Pat Swigart
“I’ve worked with Rob for over 25 years, and I’m still blown away by the passion he has for the business. To me, he is a real renaissance man and has helped move the hobby in a positive direction. ”
— Bill Parfet
“Over the past 15 years, I have bought and sold more than ten cars by my count from RM. I have the highest regard for both Rob and Mike and the staff. My dealings with them have always been straightforward and honest. Their word is better than a contract to me. ”
— Darrell Davis
“RM's multiple European auction venues allowed my cars to be seen by a wide range of buyers, which surely influenced the great results. They handled the offering with professionalism and expertise. ”
— Edgar Schemerhorn, following the sale of his collection at RM Auctions’ London and Maranello sales in 2009
“I was delighted by the easy process RM installed to consign cars for that outstanding venue in Paris and the result my cars achieved”
— Alexander P. Sator
“As far as auction companies go, RM is a breath of fresh air, as the auction scene has not been exactly the most honest and trustworthy type of business. When RM came along, it was apparent right off the bat that they were not the usual used-car dealer type. I have met quite a few RM staff since then, and they have all been extremely pleasant to work with. It just goes to show that honesty and integrity do pay off. ”
— Gerald Roush
“The staff at RM makes life in the auction business a lot easier. They’ve really got it together. ”
— Ray Scherr
“My first encounter with RM was at a Hershey meet many years ago. I remember Mike’s silver Airstream trailer set up with a card table in front, in the almost always muddy field, taking orders for restoration work. I often tell Rob, Mike, and Dan how proud I am of them, for I have seen them grow this wonderful multi-million dollar business, and I know how hard they work. My meeting the team at RM has also changed my life. The cars and collectibles I have acquired over the years have put me in touch with wonderful car people from all over the world who I love and appreciate. I have always felt RM’s concern for me, which makes me feel comfortable at all RM events, and I look forward to many more good years in the future. ”
— Ele Chesney
“Nearly 30 years ago, a man named Rob Myers knocked on my door, inquiring if I had some cars to sell. At first, I indicated that I wasn’t interested in selling anything, but a few rounds of pool later, he had made me an offer to purchase my whole collection—everything I had accumulated during my work in the classic car world to that point. I agreed, and we did the deal on a simple premise: a handshake and a leap of faith. I am proud to say that, today, after several hundred transactions, a handshake is still how we do business. ”
— Jim Miller
“For us, selling some of our cars was an emotional and stressful task; however, we found RM understood this, and from the CEO to the receptionist, all of the team was extremely friendly and helpful. They are a very professional and capable team that gives one a great confidence. The presentation of the venues and the promotion of the auction are the best. ”
— Peter Harburg
“The results are overwhelming. I am thrilled with the prices achieved for my two Ferraris, both of which exceeded their estimates. It has been great working with RM. They are number one in every respect all around the world. ”
— Larry Nicklin, following the sale of his Ferraris in March 2011
“I’ve dealt with Rob and his team for over 22 years. I appreciate how professional and accommodating they are. From transferring titles to transporting a car to my door, they handle everything.”
— Dick Shappy
“For me, the event was a great experience, and there was a good team of people behind the scenes that made the event run smoothly”
— John McMullen, following the sale of his collection in June 2007
“I chose RM Auctions as they are one of the most professional companies in the auction business. No other company could’ve offered my collection the way RM did. From start to finish, the job was done to perfection. I have no hesitation recommending them to others. ”
— John Staluppi, following the sale of his collection in December 2012
“Doing business with RM Auctions has been a genuine pleasure. We knew about RM’s reputation for great service and results before hiring them to sell our family’s collection. However, in working with RM, we have found that they have been more than great; they have been amazing. At every turn in the complicated process of selling our collection, we were impressed with the talent and helpfulness of yet another of their courteous and professional staff members. Throughout the course of many months, the RM staff managed to exceed all of our expectations all of the time.”
— Patricia H. Atwood, following the sale of the Atwood Collection in March 2009
“RM's team of talented people performed flawlessly in making this another successful sale. We were particularly impressed with the focus, spirit, and competence of the RM team and how they treated guests and community people of all types and functions. We extend our compliments for a job well done. ”
— Michael Dingman, following the sale of his collection in June 2012
“RM's marketing, advertising, and PR campaigns were outstanding and the standing-room-only attendance at the auction was a testament to it. ”
— Nick Alexander, following the sale of his collection in August 2009
“RM Auctions is clearly one of the leaders of our worldwide collector vehicle industry who market and sell with integrity, passion, and drive. They are a class act! ”
— Corky Coker
“We are very happy with the results from the sale of our collection at RM’s Amelia Island auction over the weekend. It was a first-class event and a great experience. RM did an amazing job in the promotion and marketing of our collection to a global audience, and we recommend them to others looking to sell their collection or automobile at auction. ”
— Jack Tallman, following the sale of his collection in March 2011
“I’ve known and trusted RM for a long time, since before it was RM Auctions! A particularly fond memory of mine is the fine weekend I spent in Chatham celebrating RM’s 25th anniversary. I brought at least three important cars to the festivities and Phil Hill got behind the wheel of one of them—a great moment. We’ve enjoyed a lot of laughs over the years, and I do appreciate that the character of the RM folks hasn’t changed a bit despite their growth. ”
— Roger Willbanks

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